Cute and easy bento tricks for your kids’ lunches

Bento – the Japanese-inspired art of creating cute  and artful lunches in lunch boxes – can be fun but also time consuming and even intimidating (check out the range of homemade bento creations).

But adding a little fun and creativity to lunch doesn’t have to take a huge amount of time.  Here are three quick tricks to add a bento-flare to your kids’ lunches:

Apple bunnies.  Cut slices of apple as you would normally.  Then use your knife to score a “v” as shown here.  Peel back the bunny’s “ears,” and you have a little rabbit to hop out of a lunch box!

Sandwich shapes.  Make sandwiches as desired.  Use cookie cutters to cut them into fun shapes – circles and hearts work great.  Snack on the leftovers as you eat so no food is wasted!

Carrot curls or stars.  Peel carrots to remove outer skin.  Then continue to peel to make spaghetti-like carrot curls.  Or, if you have a bit more time, cut thin wedges or grooves along several sides of a carrot.  When you slice the carrot, you’ll be making little stars!

Do you have a quick and easy bento trick to share?

Photo credit:  Wikimedia Commons


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