Get crafty with milk jugs!

You probably know that Re-Play tableware products are made from recycled milk jugs.

But did you realize that milk jugs are the perfect raw material for many craft and repurposing projects you can do at home?

Here are some of our favorites:

  • Bird feeder.  The National Wildlife Federation has instructions on making a very cute one!
  • Window decorations.  Cut out shapes from milk jugs, trace a picture, color, and hang.  They can look surprisingly nice and it’s a great project for kids.
  • Scoops for playing a game of catch.  Just remember to put duct tape over the cut edges.
  • Piggy bank (may we suggest saving for a charity that protects the earth?)
  • A scoop for the sandbox or for gardening.  Cut off the bottom, seal up the spout, put duct tape over the cut edges, and scoop away.
  • Clothing?  Yes, it appears that you can even make a skirt out of milk jugs!

The possibilities are endless.  We hope you’ll have fun trying out a project, and recycle any jugs that don’t get transformed.

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