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Customer Reviews

These are so handy and Eco-friendly. They're also durable and great quality. My son has been using these for about 2 years now and we love them! We also have the little sectioned plates. This is a great brand!!! –Rori

As an in home childcare provider I use 36 place settings each day. My Re-Play service-wear comes through the dishwasher several times a day. It doesn't stain, it holds up in the heat of the drying cycle and comes in tons of fun colors which make food service more enjoyable.

Big fan of the Re-Play products. The size, shape and quality is fantastic and we use them every day. We've never had an issue with any of them. –CB

Yippeee!!! Our 4 grandchildren love the sippy cups. The other bonus for me is that I no longer have to figure out what I'm going to give as a baby gift.....It's Re-Play ! Sent out 3 gifts a few days ago and was proud to tell the parents that they were MADE IN USA !!! –Andie

My children use them at every meal and they get washed twice a day and still look as absolutely wonderful as the day I purchased them! My picky daughter loves that the plate is divided so that her food doesn't touch and I like that it reminds me to feed them a variety of foods. –Tracy

I can't say enough good things about all of your love started with the sample utensils that Re-Play sent us...they are the only ones my toddler likes to we own the bowls, sectional plates and cups as well and they are the only dishes we use now! –Mandi

I have bought several packages of the divided plates and bowls for my two children. I am very satisfied with the quality and confident that this is a good product. –Angela

I recently bought a set of divided plates and a set of bowls and I fell in love immediately!  They are so well made, the colors are great and the best part is that my 2 1/2 year old son loves them and uses them easily!  Thanks for making a great product in the USA!  I can't wait to give these as gifts!!!!  –Amanda

I just wanted to say I LOVE your toddler utensils! It's hard to teach a kid to eat with utensils when they are so faulty. Then we found yours and what a difference!! The forks actually pick up the food and the spoons are like little scoops that hold the food all the way to my daughter's mouth! –Savannah

I just got 2 sets of the sippy cups for my girls. They are all the talk now at our playgroup and we absolutely adore them! They don't leak and can stand up to everything my children puts them through. THANK YOU! Love that they are green and made in the USA! –Tiffany

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