Smart Savings Tip #1 - Have a Plan!

Hi there, I'm Jess! Wife, mom to Grant, and savings addict!

Being a mommy is a big job. Not only are we in charge of taking care of our little ones, but we are often our own personal shopper, chef, housekeeper and accountant. It can be hard to find time to shower, let alone plan a shopping trip!  When we decided that I should stay home with my son, we were going to save money by not having to pay for childcare but money would still be tight. That’s when I started researching ways to save money and I want to pass along some of those tips to you!


Smart Savings Tip # 1 - Have a Plan!

Plan your shopping trip in advance. Make a shopping list (old school, I know) and then head to the store. This way you don’t wind up buying something that you already have enough of at home. This also saves you gas money from having to make multiple trips to the store. We aren’t perfect and there will definitely be times where you find yourself making a quick run to your local store for necessities, however, if you plan your shopping trips in advance, you will definitely see the difference in your wallet.


Before I go shopping, I make my list and cross-reference it with what is on sale, using the weekly ad.  Most grocery stores put their sale flyers online if you don't get the weekly newspaper.  If I’m not particularly attached to a brand, I will try something new if it is on sale. I also try not to be tempted to buy things that I don’t need, just because they are on sale. I have a game plan before entering the store. If you’ve ever seen someone shopping so fast, you’d think they were on an episode of Supermarket Sweep, it was probably me! My son hates being confined to the shopping cart, so I have learned the layout of my favorite store to make my trip quick and efficient. If you are able to steal away into the night and shop at your leisure, more power to you! Enjoy yourself, take your time and milk it for all it’s worth!


Keep an eye out for more savings tips coming up next week!  Share in the comments, do you currently plan your grocery trips or are you more spontaneous?  What is one improvement you could make in your grocery shopping routine?


May the savings be ever in your favor,