Make A Difference Day – Re-Play

To celebrate Make A Difference Day, we thought we’d share with you how our company is making a difference in our community.

Each week we donate food to a local food bank called Rebecca’s Pantry. We carefully selected our pantry making sure they help ALL in need, including those who slip through the cracks and don't qualify for government assistance. We support twenty local children, feeding them each a full week's worth of breakfast and snack. We also provide them with 3-4 days worth of lunch and/or dinner meals depending on the weekly specials. We are able to accomplish this on a weekly budget of $100! Here's how...

With the help of our local Publix (store 1387), we place large orders for food and save a ton using coupons along with buy one get one sales.

The prep each week consists of going through the Publix Weekly Ad and identifying products requested by the pantry. Most of the time, we buy cereal, pasta sauce, pasta, canned veggies, and a tasty but healthy snack. Once we have our list made, we want to take advantage of maximum savings, so we cross-reference the Publix Weekly Ad with a coupon database and print or clip coupons which go along with the items on our shopping list. Shopping list in hand, we head to Publix to place our bulk order.

Here are photos of the list and coupons:


In order to buy in bulk, we have to get the store manager’s approval and pay upon placing the order. We bring one of each item that we are purchasing to customer service. They ring up the item quantity that we need and we pay. They will call us when it’s all ready to be picked up.

Here is a photo of our stockpile:

As you can see in the receipts below, our savings are usually 50% or more of the total cost. 


  1. Our budget is $100 each week. We sometimes shop bi-weekly depending on the sales. If many of our normal items are on sale in the same week, we splurge. Then we are more conservative on our spending the following week.
  2. Many food pantries also accept necessities like toilet paper, deodorant, laundry soap and toothpaste. Add these to your shopping list when you see good deals! 
  3. We find a $400 shopping trip (approx. $200 actually spent with BOGO & coupons) fits snug in a standard size car. 
  4. The above amount also requires 2 shopping carts.
  5. Include everyone in your office on this campaign so it's not one big job for any one person. Divide the jobs of planning, coupon printing, placing order, picking up order, and delivery to pantry between staff. 
  6. Hold on to your receipts for tax purposes & to make you smile when you are having a bad day :-)

We hope we've inspired you to make a difference in your community by giving back as you are able! It's worth it to chat about the idea with your boss and come up with a plan that is attainable for your company. 


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