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Let's get ready for Easter! We have partnered with some of your favorite brands to bring to you an awesome EXCLUSIVE Easter Basket. Limited Baskets Available!

Included in this Easter Basket:
1. Comotomo Bottle (5oz or 8oz)
2. Mabels Labels (w/ 20% off coupon code)
3. $15 Gift Card to The Baby Cubby
4. Lolleez Throat Soothing Pops (15 pops)
4. Lil' Tulips Lip Balm
5. Re-Play 6pk Sorbet Utensils
6. Re-Play Infant Spoon w/ Travel Case
7. 3 Re-Play Dip 'n' Pour Bowls
8. Re-Play Straw Cup w/ Reversible Bendy Straw
9. Re-Play Snack Stack w/ Travel Lid Only

The basket will vary in color. (Blue, Pink, Green)

Note: Our products are shipped direct to your home, to cut down on waste we do not include our standard retail packaging.



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