Making Paint Brushes from Natural Materials

in Mar 22, 2015

 This week's craft in our National Craft Month series focuses on a fun sensory activity using materials found in nature.  Our crafty contributor, Lindsay, from You are the Roots blog gives you all the details: 

Materials needed:
- Clothespins or small clips
- Paint

 What you will do:
1. Collect your clothespins or any small clips. These will serve as the base of your paint brushes.
2. Go on a nature walk! This is a great opportunity for kids to be able to explore the world around them.
3. Collect your natural materials: leaves, weeds, flowers, sticks all make great paintbrushes.
4. Assemble your paint brushes using your clothespins/clips and your natural materials -- and then get busy!

It's a wonderful opportunity for children to explore the outdoors as well as uncover different textures!

~ Lindsay


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