Terrarium in a Jar

in Apr 5, 2015

Here is a great craft just in time for Earth Month. Your little is sure to enjoy this Eco friendly activity!

You'll Need:
- A jar (mason jar or apothecary jar)
- Succulents
- Potting soil
- Gravel
- A few rocks
- Activated charcoal

What you will do
1. Find a few small rocks in the yard -- this is always a fun part for the kids! Add the rocks to the bottom of your jar.
2. Add a thin layer of gravel on top of the rocks.
3. Following the gravel, add a thin layer of activated charcoal. You can find activated charcoal for cheap online or at any hardware store in the gardening area.
4. Top with some potting soil. Make sure the soil is damp, but not too wet.

5. Add your succulents to the jar.

6. As the final step, have your child decide on what kind of "animal habitat" they would like to make the terrarium! I suggested dinosaurs but Ethan had other plans: he thought a unicorn and some birds were the perfect addition. I have to agree, he was onto something!

7. Caring for your terrarium succulent is easy and fun for little ones. Simply mist the succulent every so often to keep it happy and thriving! 

~ Lindsey 

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