Pinterest REality: Marshmallow Candy Corn

in Oct 2, 2015
Today's Pinterest craft is kid friendly. This is a great activity for you and you little one. Now we did have a few bumps on the way but the end result came out really cute and we know your little ones would gobble them up.  
What they say you need: 
1 bag of marshmallows
8 ounces of white chocolate
Vegetable/canola or coconut oil
Yellow food coloring
Orange food coloring
Black gel icing tube
    Original Craft by Kneed to cook. You can find this craft here
    What we used: 
    1 bag of marshmallows
    One bag of Wilton yellow white chocolate
    One bag of Wilton orange white chocolate 
    Wilton candy eyes 
    Parchment paper 
      ( We used white chocolate at first and found when using the microwave and adding the food coloring the chocolate hardened. We suggest buying color chocolate so you can avoid that happening to you.)
      What we did:
      First cut a peace of parchment paper big enough for all the marshmallows to fit and place it on a clean surface. 
      Place your chocolates into two different microwave safe bowls.
      Heat the orange chocolate first . 
      We used a microwave to melt the chocolate ( but you can also use a dbl broiler). If you decide to you use a microwave only microwave for thirty seconds at a time for a total of 1 1/2 min. After each time be sure and stir the chocolate.
      Once chocolate is melted dip one marshmallow into orange chocolate about one third of the way and place on parchment paper to dry.(We found that using a spoon to coat the marshmallows helped give them an even look.)
      While they dry heat the yellow chocolate following the directions above. 
      Once all the  marshmallow are dry dip them into the yellow chocolate. Be sure and not cover the all the orange, so about half of the orange. Then place on parchment paper to dry.
      (When we did this step it wasn't as easy as it sounds. The yellow chocolate didn't seem to want to stick to the orange. We also found it didn't looks as even as we would like.)
      Once all of the coated marshmallows glue your candy eyes on with the remaining chocolate. 
                                                            Here are our marshmallow ghosts                                                    
       Here is the original craft 
      TIP: Add lollipop sticks to the marshmallows to turn them into marshmallow ghost pops. 
      Happy Crafting!
      ~ The Re-Play Team


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