Easter Hop

in Mar 5, 2015

Hello, Re-Play Recycled readers! My name is Lindsay and I write the blog My Creative Days. I am so excited to be here today to share the Easter party I set up using Re-Play's Sorbet Set. I don't know about you, but this winter has made me long for spring, warmer weather and bright colors. I was thrilled to be putting an Easter party together to get the spring vibes flowing through our home. We host a lot of parties in our home. A lot of them are kid-related. Our kids love having their friends over and I love coming up with different themes and party ideas for each gathering. This Easter party tablescape could not have come together without the Re-Play Sorbet Set. The colors in this set are perfect for an Easter party! 

When I started thinking about setting up for this party, I thought it would be so much fun to set up a long table in our living room. This way, we could set the food, party favors, crafts, utensils, etc. on the table and leave the dining room table free to create crafts and eat on. In order for us to put the long table in the living room, we had to remove the sofa. The kids thought that was the coolest thing ever! The table fit perfectly where our sofa usually sits and we brought out more chairs for seating around the other parts of the room.

With each party we host, I try to come up with different ideas and ways of doing things. For this Easter party, I put a few snacks out on the table, but for the sandwiches we were having, I set up a "sandwich making station" in the dining room. All kids like something different on their sandwich, so in order to make everyone happy, I put an assortment of "fixings" on the table with different breads. The kids (with some adult help) made their own sandwich and then used an Easter cookie cutter to cut their sandwich in a fun shape! This was a HUGE hit. I have never done this before, but it worked out so great. Not only did each child get the sandwich they loved, but they had a blast actually making it! I will be doing this again, for sure.

At every party, I like to send the guests home with a little gift. This time, we put Easter trinkets that I picked up on clearance last year in little, spring gift bags. The gift bags added a lot of extra spring to the table without tons of extra effort. My favorite part of the entire tablescape was the Re-Play utensils in this yellow flower-pot. The utensils look like flowers growing out of the pots!


At the end of the table, I had an Easter bucket filled with different crafts the kids could make. This made the craft part of the party easy. Each craft was contained within itself so the kids just had to grab one and sit at the dining room table to create it. Easy peasy.


These tin chick crafts turned out SO CUTE!

What is a party without a pinata?! We have not had a pinata in a while so the kids were really looking forward to busting into this huge bunny and grabbing all the goodies.

Another successful party in the bag! Soon, spring weather will be among us and we will be able to head outdoors and enjoy more gatherings outside! Until then, we will be celebrating the "upcoming season" with our spring colored Re-Play Sorbet Set. I hope you found some ideas or inspiration that you can use at your Easter or spring party!  

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