Monster Mash Party

in Oct 2, 2015

                  Hey Re-Play readers! My name is Jamie and I'm super excited to share with you some details from a pretty awesome little Halloween party.  This was put together by Social Party Studio...a team of two moms....I like to call us Ally & Jae.  We both have our own companies but every once in a while we like to join forces and create party magic together. We love throwing parties and all the little details that go into them and between the two of us are 5 kids so Halloween time is no joke.  Definitely one of our most favorite times of the year!  Living in Southern California the weather is beautiful all year round but right around Halloween it starts to cool down just enough and feels like our official kick off to sweater weather. This year we wanted to throw a kid friendly Halloween party with some not so spooky details since there are little ones in tow so we thought what better way than with a Monster Mash. Our goal was to showcase the Re-play Halloween line in some fun & exciting ways that you might not think of everyday. Like filling them with tasty treats and sending them home as party favors or using the bowls for craft supplies on our build your own monster table.


                 In between school drop offs,  meal times and mainly during nap times  is when we find the time to put together some good ol' party fun. Whenever looking for party decor we like to start on Etsy, I have a shop on there (Sweet Jelly Parties) as does Alyssa ( Just A Little Sparkle) This lets us support and connect with other moms who are working from home just like us.  From there we usually go to the Target hot spot and the dollar store and see what goodies we can find. One of my favorite details from the party were the kids stools. They came from Ikea,  the covers were sewn by my mom but the legs are just socks found at the dollar store. SCORE!  With the left over fabric from the covers I had my mom make some flag bunting to drape across the backdrop of the dessert table.


                     The kids walked away with so many goodies from this party. Trick or treat bags, snack cups full of monster munch, mini monster hats, they built their own furry monster to take home and not to mention custom t-shirts with their names on them. Alyssa made these by creating a coordinating image on the computer to go along with all the other paper printables she made that helped pull the overall look together.  She then printed them out on Avery brand transfer paper and ironed them on. Fairly inexpensive if you buy the Hanes t-shirts in the 5 pack and such a cute detail your guests will love.


                      Another detail our little monsters loved were the sweets! Cake, cake pops, cookies, monster munch and yes even more cake in the form of a push cake. If you haven't had a push cake before they are the greatest thing ever for small kids. You get a small portion of cake all wrapped up in a little push pop that allows it to be a mess free experience. Ours were from Push Cakes and they were delicious. You can't beat that. We wanted to round out the sweets by offering up some real food so Alyssa made up some spider sammies that the kids loved! Carrots were set out in color coordinated cups, grapes a.k.a. monster boogers were packed tightly in handy little snack cups, on the go fruit pouches were given that spooky touch by wrapping in spiderwebs and blinged out spiders. Re-play drinking cups were filled with our Goblin Brew that was made by mixing sherbert, sprite, pineapple juice & kool-aid with some added eyeballs for extra flavor. Eat, drink & Be scary!!


                          Such a fun party, using great products and the kids had a spooktacular time. Happy Halloween!!


Stool Covers/Bunting- Busy B's Loft
So as you can tell by the list of vendors the majority of the items I get for the parties I do I go to Etsy for. I do this first and see what I can find because I like to support other possible moms who stay at home during the day with their kids and are working from home like me. My next stop is usually the dollar store or the Target dollar section. From there I got all of the little decor pieces, the cobwebs, platters for dessert table, spiders, and the socks that are on the legs of the stools. The actual stools are from Ikea and the covers were made by my mom Busy B's Loft . She usually handles all my custom sewing needs. With the left over fabric from the stool covers she made the bunting for the backdrop. The backdrop is a tablecloth just like the one on the kids table that I wrapped around a wooden board. For the tshirts we made a coordinating image on the computer printed it out on avery brand tshirt transfer paper and ironed it onto the shirt. The pillows and pillow covers for the craft area were all from Ikea as well. Everything else came from my personal inventory & halloween decor :)

 To find more fun party ideas or to book Jamie to style your next party check Social Party Studio~


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