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in Jul 22, 2015

This is the official Who am I post!  Many people wonder who is behind the Re-Play brand...the answer to that is actually many people - but I guess I'm the official founder!   So who am i? 

I'm a lover of Show Tunes...its a sickness, I know but so many of the old musicals have really great songs that make you wanna sing along...well maybe not you, but i was raised on them.  Sunday afternoons when i was a kid in the 60's we watched them...and yes, i was a kid when TV was still black and white!  I still remember getting our first colored TV and thinking WOW!   So being the lover of musicals, vintage TV and movies - that will be a running theme in my blog!

One of my favorite Show Tunes of all time is "Getting to know you" from The King and I. (Just won a slew of Tony's on Broadway by the way!)  If you haven't ever seen this fabulous classic you are missing out!  Its all about an English woman who goes to Siam to teach the King's family English - and along the way a love story emerges...Sappy some say - i say hand over the Kleenex!  But what is truly amazing is that this story is loosely based on a real woman who was incredibly bold in a time when women didn't have a say in much!  The song "Getting to know you" is about 30 minutes into the movie when Anna is meeting all her students.  "getting to know, getting to know all about you...getting to like you, getting to hope you like me..."  So here we are....

Well..let me begin by saying...I'm not as young as most of our Re-Play family of moms!  I'm 51 years old and have been a mom for 23 years!  My babies aren't babies anymore!  I've been a wife for 30 years and a business woman for 30 years too!  I have two incredible boys - well young men and the most amazing husband any gal could as for.   I have two sisters and a GIGANTIC extended family - my husbands family is kind of like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers(another all time favorite musical) - we have so many nieces, nephews, spouses etc.....there is a new baby every time you blink!

In a nutshell,  I've been in the Juvenile business for over 20 years!  I've designed and sold to every type of business from the smallest independent shop to the largest retailer in the world.  I've worked my whole life, while raising my boys.  I'm a terrible housekeeper, but a great juggler of duties.  I love purses and shoes - but can't seem to pull off the 4" heels anymore.  I'm addicted all things digital - the girls at the office think i need a special skirt to hold all my devices - i have 4 computer monitors, an ipad and iphone all at my desk!   I love to travel, but never have the time.   I love to buy gifts and i love to spend money on my kids!  I miss the good ole days and I love all things Disney!  (I was even a Chipmunk at Disney when I was a teenager) 

I have been building a wonderful team of women to work with over the past few years. Lets get to know them! They are the women behind the brand - yes there are men too - but we are the complicated creatures juggling life just like you!

Gina Parani | Marketing Director

Gina is a free spirited lover of life, grounded by her husband and beautiful baby girls. Raised in the country, living in the city, moving to the suburbs. Believer in community, peace, love and happiness. She believes taking risks and dreaming big are essential to daily life. She enjoys anything creative. Bored easily but easily inspired. She’s a bit of a feminist and has a huge appreciation for the sisterhood of women and the gift of motherhood. Natural birth and holistic parenting advocate. She’s grateful that her career with Re-Play allows her to focus on the many things close to her heart.

Rachel George | Marketing Manager

Rachel is a proud mom to two fury babies; her cat Mr. Whiskers and dog Copper. After returning to school to finish her Bachelor degree, her days are now pretty full with school and work. In her free time, if any, she enjoys paddle boarding, gardening, spending time with family and her new kick, checking out local brunch spots. Her guilty pleasure is watching The Real Houses Wives. Shhh, don’t tell. She loves her job at Re-Play, working in the marketing team. It allows her to show her creative/messy side and let the kid inside come out. She brings laughter to the office, whether it be with her or at her!

Erin Homs | ImpREssions Team- Content Developer

Erin is a graduate of the University of Florida (Go Gators!), wife, and mommy to a  2 year old little girl and a newborn baby boy.  She is a self-proclaimed perfectionist with a perpetually messy house, procrastinator and she is always late.  She enjoys reading a good book in a quiet room with a good cup of coffee and chocolate -- although she will settle for any one of those things at a time these days. She enjoys writing content for Re-Play and connecting with real mommies over the joys and struggles of raising kids. 

Jill Kuffel | REsponse Team & Brand REpresentative

I have been married to my amazing and supportive husband since 2007. We have a vivacious and creative toddler that has turned our world upside down. She has shown me that my pre-child "I would never let my kid do that" self was absolutely delusional. My internet search history lists items such as: "Toddler Violin" and "Taking a Toddler Tent Camping". I have a Master's in Education and have always loved science and the arts; I love how parenthood tests my knowledge of the world around me and I have rediscovered the joy of childhood curiosity. Although, my joy for discovery stops at peanut butter and jelly sandwiches dipped in hummus, no matter how emphatically "delicious" they are being praised.

Jess Garcia | REsponse Team & Creative Team     

Hi, I'm Jess Ryan Garcia, former Blair. I am an Army wife to my first love, mom to a sweet 2 year old girl, Abby and a dog mom to two Bulldogs, Louie and Sofia. I work for a small Pharmaceutical company based out of Brooklyn, Ny and for Replay Recycled on their marketing team. I am a work-at-home mom, crafter, photo taker, and fun food maker. I love to travel and explore. Most importantly I love Jesus and I'm so thankful for all of my amazing family and friends. I love the Auburn Tigers and I absolutely love college football. My favorite movie is Jaws, my favorite color is orange, my favorite bands are Third Day, Audioslave, Led Zeppelin & Hootie & the Blowfish (not necessarily in that order). I am NOT a morning person, never have been. I love animals, all animals and everything Disney.

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