Earth Day with Re-Play

in Apr 9, 2021
Top 5 Re-Play Items for any Picnic, Party, or Afternoon Tea


Earth Day is definitely one of our favorite "holidays." Being a company that makes tableware out of recycled plastic, we are all about ways we can get outside and help reduce our carbon footprint, by saving the Earth.

In this article we will highlight some of our favorite Re-Play items that we are perfect for any planet saving picnic.

  1. Snack Stack
               a. The Snack Stack is perfect for any age or time. They are great for wet or dry snacks. Best part is they don't leak into your diaper bage or lunchbox and they don't leak into each other.
               b. Yes, of course they are made out of recycled milk jugs. In fact, each snack stack saves 3 milk jugs from the landfill.


2. Silicone Plate Lid

a. Our Silicone Plate lid fits both the 7" Divided and Flat Plates. They are great for packing school, work, or just picnic lunches. One of the best features is that you can put the lid on the bottom of the plate as a skid resistant bonus.

b. No, the lid is not made out of recycled plastic, however it is manufactured with USA made Platinum Grade Silicone. The price is a little more costly compared to our other Re-Play items, but it is definitely worth it.



 3. Straw Cup

a. The 10oz Straw Cup is great for enjoying a drink at home or while you're out and about. It comes with a USA made 9" Silicone Straw. Unlike, our No-Spill Sippy Cup, the straw cup is NOT no-spill.

b. The Straw is made out of recycled milk jugs. Each cup saves 2 milk jugs from the landfill.



4.No-Spill Cup

a. The 10oz No-Spill Cup is definitely one of the best sippy cups around. It probably should have been our #1 item on the list, but we are giving the Snack Stack its shine. (LOL) The No-Spill Cups are truly no-spill, all because of the one-piece silicone valve. It is very important to remember to remove that valve before cleaning and allowing the cup to fully dry before reassembling.

b. Talk about being sustainable, one of the best features of the 10oz Straw Cup and 10oz No-Spill cup are the bases are the same. Which makes them so much more innovative, as all you need to do is change out the lids.




5.Toddler Utensils

a. I mean, what's a picnic without utensils. Our Toddler Utensils are an anytime, anywhere set! Pack them in your littles school lunchbox or even in yours. Our utensils are super durable and the tongs are not too sharp , which makes them super safe for any age. The bowl of the spoon is deep and wide enough to allow your little to get as much as they can handle into their mouths.

b. Our Toddler Utensils are ALWAYS sold in pairs (spoon & fork). Unfortunately, we can't sell them separately as they are manufactured in pairs. Great news is that our utensil pairs saves 1 milk jug from the landfill.



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