12oz Insulated Recycled Stainless Water Bottle

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Re-Play’s 12oz eco-friendly insulated stainless steel water bottle is designed for adventurous kids on the go! Crafted from recycled stainless steel, it's not only durable but also planet friendly. With vibrant colors, staying hydrated becomes a playful experience. Plus, its vacuum-insulated design keeps drinks cool for hours, making it ideal for school, sports, and outdoor adventures. Let your little ones quench their thirst while making a positive impact on the environment with our kid-friendly stainless steel water bottle. Re-Play products are dishwasher safe - because every parent deserves less clean-up time!

ECO-FRIENDLY: Crafted with 90% recycled stainless steel! It's not just a water bottle; it's a lesson in sustainability for our kids. By choosing this planet friendly option, you're showing the next generation the value of making environmentally responsible choices.

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Built to last, this product is a match made in heaven for energetic kids who are always on the move. Its innovative design features a flexible handle for easy carrying, which conveniently stows away to save on space when not in use. Not only does it stand up to the rigors of daily adventures, but it also includes a sturdy silicone base that keeps it firmly in place, no matter where you toss it – be it in backpacks, lunch bags, or during your on-the-go adventures.

LEAK-PROOF: Our insulated water bottle features a leak-proof design, ensuring that your child's favorite beverages stay contained. The silicone drinking system allows for mess-free travel, providing a convenient solution for parents on the go. Not thirsty? The convenient flip cover keeps the silicone spout clean until your kid’s next sip!

NON-TOXIC MATERIALS: Made from BPA/BPS-free and non-toxic materials for safe sipping. Plus, they're a breeze to clean, thanks to being dishwasher safe. Perfect for busy families on the go!

COMPACT SIZE: Designed with little adventurers in mind, our compact bottle snugly fits into the smallest of hands and slides effortlessly into standard cup holders.


12 fluid ounces

2.75" x 2.75" x 5.5"

Safe, Eco-Friendly, and Durable

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