Grow With Me Cup - Ice Blue

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Grow with Me Cup is designed to support your child's journey from toddler to big kid. The durable 10 oz cup base provides the perfect size for growing hands and thirst levels. Made from recycled milk jugs not only is it dishwasher safe, durable, and colorful, it's eco-friendly too!

Our best selling no-spill sippy cup lid is ideal for younger children. What makes our no-spill sippy cup so popular with moms? It's in the speciality designed silicone valve, engineered to prevent spills and leaks while being easy to clean. As your child grows, simply switch to the silicone straw lid for a more mature drinking experience.

The innovative silicone straw lid features a unique locking ring mechanism that keeps the soft silicone straw firmly in place, ensuring a leak-proof seal. This design allows for comfortable sipping while minimizing the risk of spills, even when the cup is tipped.


  • 10 oz. base
  • No Spill Sippy Cup top
  • Straw lid

Safe, Eco-Friendly, and Durable

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