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By Amy Shumway Mar 27, 2015

Today's recipes will satisfy any sweet tooth without all of that extra sugar. FROZEN YOGURT BLUEBERRY BITES {A light and refreshing treat perfect for warmer days, these yogurt blueberry bites...

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DAY 11/ Leafy Greens/ Wensday March 25

By Amy Shumway Mar 25, 2015

Having a hard time getting your little one to try anything green? Here are a few recipes that should do the trick. GREEN SMOOTHIE{A great addition to any breakfast, this...

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By Amy Shumway Mar 23, 2015

BROCCOLI CHEDDAR QUINOA BITES{This is a great recipe to prepare on the weekend for a busy week ahead, as these broccoli cheddar quinoa bites make a yummy meal on the...

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Healthy Eating Series with Replay | Day 9 {Quinoa}

By Amy Shumway Mar 20, 2015

Quinoa has been a favorite food of Olivia's for as long as I can remember. For a girl who won't touch chicken nuggets or mashed potatoes, I suppose it's no...

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Healthy Eating Series with Replay | Day 8 {Carrots}

By Amy Shumway Mar 18, 2015

If you've been following along over the past two weeks, you'll know I am featuring a collaborative series all about healthy eating this month on my blog with Replay Recycled....

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Healthy Eating Series with Replay | Day 7 {Lovely Lentils}

By Amy Shumway Mar 16, 2015

If you haven't cooked with lentils before, they are so easy to make and can be adapted to fit into almost any recipe. We have been making what I call...

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Healthy Eating Series with Replay | Day 5 {Protein Punch}

By Amy Shumway Mar 11, 2015

We are already well into week two of my collaborative Healthy Eating series with Replay Recycled and today I'll be sharing three basic recipes that pack a punch of protein...

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