Pumpkin Door Hanger

in Oct 8, 2015

Today's craft is from Michael's. This one is pretty easy and super CUTE! 

What they say you will need:

  • Adhesive Dots 
  • Satin ribbon
  • Glow in the dark spray paint 
  • Adhesive tape
  • Black tulle
  • A ruler
  • Scissors 
  • 3 9' white half pumpkins
  • Embellishment stickers 
  • Glow in the dark ribbon 
  • Balsa wood 

What they say to do:

  • Wipe off each pumpkin to remove any dust or smudges. Spray each pumpkin with Krylon® Glowz® spray paint in a well-ventilated place. Follow all instructions and warnings on the Krylon® packaging. Let dry for a half hour, and add two or three more layers, letting the pumpkins dry for a half hour in between applications. Set aside. 
  • Cut a 50" length of the glow-in-the-dark spider web ribbon. Cut one end into a point, and finish the ends by folding the raw edges up about ½" onto the back of the ribbon. Tape the edges in place using the ½" adhesive tape. This will be the bottom of the door hanger.
  • On the opposite end of the ribbon, finish the edges by folding them over by about ½" on the back side of the ribbon, and taping them into place with the double-sided tape. Fold this end over once more by 2", so that the wrong sides of the ribbon are touching, and tape this finished edge down to the back of the ribbon, creating a 2" loop for hanging. 
  • Apply the 1" wide adhesive tape along the entire length of the balsa wood, remove the tape backing, and adhere to the back of the spider web ribbon, leaving an equal amount of ribbon above and below the balsa wood. 
  • For each pumpkin, cut one 18" length of tulle, and one 20" length of 5/8" wide black satin ribbon. Lay out the tulle, and place the satin ribbon on top of it, at the center of the tulle’s width, with excess satin ribbon sticking out at either end of the tulle. Fold the tulle in half width-wise, then in half once more, so that the satin ribbon is trapped within the tulle. Find the midpoint of the tulle and ribbon, place an adhesive dot here, and adhere to the back of the pumpkin. Tie a bow around the pumpkin’s stem, and trim both ends of the ribbon/tulle so that they’re even. 
  • Repeat Step 5 for the second and third pumpkins.  
  • Apply hot glue to the back of each craft pumpkin at top and bottom, and quickly adhere them to the spider web ribbon in a row, as in the project image.
    Tip: Be sure to attach each pumpkin to a section of the spider web ribbon that is backed with the balsa wood, in order to provide strength and stability. 
  • Remove the backing from the sticky gem letters, and apply one to each of the pumpkins to spell out the word “BOO,” then hang.


What we used: 

  • 24" Balsa wood 
  • Acrylic paint (in black, green, orange and green)
  • 3 9' white half pumpkins 
  • Black roses 
  • Rhine stones 
  • Hot glue gun 
  • Hot glue sticks
  • A card board box 
  • 3 thumb tacks
  • One 2' piece of Jute rope 


What we did different:

  • We didn't spray paint the pumpkins with glow in the dark paint. However its a really cute idea.
  • We didn't use ribbon to cover the balsa wood. We painted it instead. Or pumpkins covered the wood, so it didn't matter either way. 
  • We didn't use stickers to decorate the pumpkin, instead we painted the letters and hot glued on the rhinestones. Using stickers will save you a lot of time and hassle! We hand did it since we had a huge bag of rhinestones already. So its really up to you. 
  • We found that the hot glue was not  working so well when we tried to glue the pumpkins on to the balsa wood. Our solution was  pushing thumb tacks into the wood and hooking the pumpkins on the thumb tacks. (there are holes on the back of the pumpkins) .
  • Instead of bows we  glued two rose on top of each pumpkin. 
  • We glued the Jute rope to the back of the balsa wood and tied a knot to keep in secure when hanging. 

In  the end it came out super cute!

Our Pumpkins~                                                                                                       

The Original Pumpkins~

TIP: What we would do different-

Our balsa wood was to short. Be sure and get one that is at least 24" long if you don't want to use ribbon. 


Please share any tips or tricks you found while doing this craft. We would love to hear your ideas.

Keep pinning and keep on crafting!

The Re-Play  Team 




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